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Constant pain in the legs, lameness, damage to the skin and nails due to lack of nutrition, swelling of the feet and calves, the inability to stay in a standing position for a long time with angiopathy of the lower extremities.

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High, not amenable to therapy, blood pressure, swelling on the face and body, around the internal organs, intoxication with nephropathy. Severe loss of vision in retinopathy, fog before the eyes as a result of edema in diabetic angiopathy of the center of the retina.

Vertigopain and fainting due to buy hydroquinone online, lethargy and shortness of breath due to heart failure, chest pain. Insomnia, impaired memory and coordination of movements, a decrease in cognitive abilities in cerebral angiopathy. Symptoms of vascular lesions in the extremities. Symptom Cause Pale, cool skin of the feet Capillary destruction, still amenable to treatment Weakness of the muscles of the legs Insufficient muscle nutrition, the onset of angiopathy Redness on the feet, the skin is warm Inflammation due to an attached infection Absence of a pulse in the limb Significant narrowing of the arteries Prolonged swelling Severe vascular damage Reduction of calves or thigh muscles, stopping hair growth on the legs Prolonged oxygen starvation Non-healing wounds Multiple damage to the capillaries Black color of the fingertips Angiopathy of large vessels Blue cold skin on the extremities Severe damage, lack of blood circulation, incipient gangrene.

Early diagnosis of angiopathy is a guarantee that the treatment will be successful. Waiting for the onset of symptoms means starting the disease, full recovery at stage 3 is impossible, part of the functions of the damaged organs will be irretrievably lost. Previously, it was recommended to undergo examinations 5 years after the diagnosis of diabetes. Currently, changes in the vessels can be detected even earlier, which means that they can be treated while the lesions are minimal. Type 2 diabetes is often diagnosed a few years after the onset of the disease, and blood vessels begin to be damaged even at the stage of pre-diabetes, so it is worth checking the blood vessels immediately after detecting hypoglycemia.

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Adolescents and the elderly with long-term diabetes develop several angiopathies of different organs, both large and small vessels are damaged.

After identifying one type of eukroma cream in them, they require a complete examination of the cardiovascular system. All forms of angiopathy are characterized by the same changes in the metabolism of proteins and fats. With vascular disorders, metabolic abnormalities characteristic of patients with diabetes mellitus are aggravated. With the help of biochemical blood tests, the so-called lipid status is revealed. An increase in cholesterol indicates a high probability of angiopathy, especially an increase in low-density lipoprotein, a decrease in albumin, an increase in phospholipids, triglycerides, free fatty acids and alpha globulin.

Read about microangiopathy in diabetes — one of the varieties of angiopathy. Patients with diabetes mellitus with such changes in the composition of the blood are recommended to have a complete examination of the organs most affected by vascular damage. Treatment of diabetic angiopathy is aimed at normalizing blood sugar, stimulating blood flow and strengthening the walls of blood vessels.

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Reducing sugar and keeping it within the normal range for a long time is the most effective therapy for any angiopathy.

In the early stages of the disease, this is enough for the vessels to buy eukroma cream on their own. The rest of the treatment is considered as additional, accelerating recovery. To control glucose, hypoglycemic drugs, insulin, a diet with a reduced content of carbohydrates and animal fats are used. The appointment of these drugs is strictly individual and can only be done by the attending physician. Any self-treatment, in addition to diet, physical activity and vitamins in the dosage recommended by the instructions, can accelerate the development of complications of diabetes.

Used for the treatment of severe angiopathy and surgical interventions. If there is a local narrowing of a large vessel in the limb, it is stented - a mesh frame is placed inside. It pushes the walls of the vessel and restores blood circulation in the affected area. If the narrowing is more extensive, shunting can be performed - creating a bypass for blood flow from the patient's femoral vein. Preventive actions.

Be sure to study! Do you think pills and insulin are the only way to keep sugar under control? Not true! You can verify this yourself by starting to use it. A set of measures that can prevent or significantly delay the occurrence of diabetic angiopathy. Control of metabolic changes in people at risk of type 2 diabetes, regular measurements of glucose levels on an empty stomach and under exercise. Restriction in the diet of fast carbohydrates, the fight against excess weight, an active lifestyle. Maintaining normal glucose levels in patients with both types of diabetes mellitus. Accurate implementation of all doctor's recommendations. Visiting an ophthalmologist twice a year with obligatory ophthalmoscopy.

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Annual tests to detect microalbuminuria. Ultrasound of hydroquinone of the legs at the first manifestations of angiopathy. Careful foot care, daily examination for damage, treatment and treatment of the smallest wounds, selection of comfortable, non-traumatic shoes. Physical activity 3-4 times a week, preferably outdoors. Cardio workouts are preferred at a fast pace, which complicate as the muscles and heart strengthen. Restriction of alcohol consumption, complete cessation of smoking.>

Patients with diabetes often show signs of diabetic angiopathy, when small vessels are affected. Diabetic angiopathy of the lower extremities is diagnosed most often, while a complication of this variety occurs in diabetics with type 1 or type 2 pathology. If surgical or conservative treatment for diabetic angiopathy is not carried out in time, then serious complications are possible with damage to many organs.



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